I couldnít do my job without antivirus software.

My AV software catches an estimated 20 to 30 infected emails in my mailbox each day. This is fairly disturbing, but what disturbs me even more is that these arenít new viruses. Theyíre overwhelmingly mass mailer viruses, and overwhelmingly just two old viruses - Klez and Yaha variants.

Outlook is uniquely susceptible to viruses and it definitely contributes to the spread of mass mailing viruses, which leads me to wonder why everyone still uses Outlook. There are thousands of other email clients out there Ė my personal favorite is Pegasus (https://www.pmail.com). Iíve used that one at home since Pegasus released the first version for Windows 3.1. Itís 100% free, though not fully HTML compatible (you can set it up so you use your browser to view HTML email, however).

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The other question is why more people donít use antivirus software. If you add together broadband, Outlook, and no antivirus protection, then youíre setting yourself up for disaster. Itís fine to use Outlook, but if you do, then you absolutely have to use some kind of antivirus software.

If you havenít already done so, look into antivirus software, especially if you use Windows! Most mass mailers are merely annoying, but if you have one youíre probably sending out loads of mail with fake addresses Ė addresses of your friends, family, and business associates. Theyíll appreciate it if you disinfect your PC (I know I will!).

Todayís issue includes a couple of new articles from Jamie Kiley and one from Jim Novo. Remember, you can ask both of them questions (Jamie does site design while Jim handles traffic analysis). Check out their sites for instructions on how to get your questions answered.

Last week Michael Southonís article got cut off due to technical difficulties, so here it is again for those of you who missed it.

Enjoy the issue!

Conscious Consistency
By Jamie Kiley

If you take a look at the marketing materials of most Fortune 500 companies, you'll notice that they all have one thing in common: within each one, all of the company's marketing materials are similar in their appearance.

There are elements of consistency that carry over between the company's brochures, business cards, letterhead, and website. The logo is the same on each, the tagline is the same, many of the fonts are the same, the colors are often the same, and the general image in each piece is consistent with the rest. They have a carefully established visual identity.

What these companies have done is employ the principle of repetition. They repeat certain elements in all the materials they put out. In this way, they are able to present a unified, cohesive image to the public.

The principle of repetition can be applied within your website as well. It's a powerful tool that strengthens your pages' organization and helps your company establish a strong identity.
The principle of repetition goes like this:
Repeat some elements of your design within each page, as well as throughout the entire site.

Repetition can be defined as conscious consistency. It goes further than having the same header on each page, or the same links in your menu, although those are important. It's tying your site's visual appearance together in a deeper sense by using some threads that run through the entire site. It doesn't happen by accident; you must be purposeful.

Here are some items you can repeat:
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Websitemgttools - Rank Mgr

Traffic Analysis - Turning Traffic Into Sales
By Jim Novo

Here’s our second installment from expert Jim Novo. If you have any questions about traffic analysis, either prompted by this article or your own experiences, send them here: Traffic Analysis

About 5 months ago I started on a quest to make the best site possible, with the best content for the users that I wanted there. My URL is https://www.skateservice.com. Now that I'm actually getting traffic, I can't turn it into sales. I am an affiliate of the #2 online skateboard shop, but I'm not seeing any turn around from it. I place banner ads, and feature ads on my site, but no one seems to be buying anything. The whole purpose of the site is to make it an E-Zine type, with the option to buy products that I know the customer is in the market for. Any ideas or thoughts would really help me out here.

Jim's answer:
Well, there's a lot of questions underlying this one; there really isn't enough information provided to give you a direct answer. So I'll give you a general answer:

1. Content / Commerce Mix- Content sites tend to attract people who are interested in content, and may not be interested in buying anything. It is difficult to do both well at the same time, which is why many content sites sell ads, not merchandise. This happens offline too; it is very hard to be entertaining and sell things at the same time.
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Is Someone Stealing Your Source Code?
By Michael Southon

That's a question that worries many people on the Internet. And some people go to great lengths to hide their source code.

There are several reasons you might want to conceal the source code of your web pages:

1) if you have web pages that rank highly in the search engines, you don't want people to see your meta tags
2) you don't want people copying your web page design or java scripts
3) you want to protect your website from email harvesters and other spam utilities

But can you hide your source code?
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Site Review - Solstice Technologies, Inc.

In case you missed the last issue, DevWebPro is doing a brand new peer review! The site is called Solstice Technologies, Inc. (https://www.solstice-inc.com/). Visit the site, jot down your thoughts, and send them in to jackie@devwebpro.com. I'll showcase the best of them in an upcoming issue of DevWebPro and give your Web site a little plug, too (please include your URL!). The top reviews will get a special mention.

If you tried to visit the site but the Java applet crashed your browser, give it another try. They're working on it...

Get those reviews in by May 14th. That's the week I'll publish the results.

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