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What Makes an Effective & Successful Marketing Leader?

London Business School Professor of Management & Marketing, Patrick Barwise, is releasing The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader this Fall, and will deliver an insightful keynote presentation at at OmniShopper International, sharing the answers to help you become a better leader.

Secure Your Spot by Friday,
7 October & Save £200

According to Patrick, to maximise your business impact and long-term career success, you need to complement your technical marketing skills with a range of leadership skills, including:

  • Mobilise Your Boss (align marketing with the company's priorities)
  • Mobilise Your Colleagues (inspire and support them to meet customers' needs better than the competition)
  • Mobilise Your Team (become a leader of leaders)
  • Mobilise Yourself (it's about you - everyone has the capacity to become a great marketing leader!)
Join us at OmniShopper International in London to increase your influence within your company, boost your career, and ultimately deliver growth in the 'new retail environment'.

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