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Share your opinions on information management for 4700 Yen


Dear Reader:

You have been selected to participate in a brief on-line survey about
information management. The results of this survey will be used to
help technology companies better meet your needs, so your feedback is
extremely important.

In appreciation of your time, everyone who completes the survey will
earn a reward of 4700 Yen.

To take the survey, please go to:

To earn the 4700 Yen you will be asked up to eight questions at the
start of the survey to determine if you are eligible to participate
in this survey. You must complete the survey by midnight March 8, 2006.
Please note participation is limited. This survey is being conducted
by TNS Prognostics, an independent research company. If you have any
questions about this survey, please e-mail:

Thank you for your participation in this important effort!


Ian Grant
Director of Respondent Relations
TNS Prognostics
4005 Miranda Avenue
Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA 94304

p.s. Remember to complete the survey by midnight March 8, 2006 to
earn 4700 Yen!


This research study is being conducted by TNS Prognostics, a leading
market research firm. TNS Prognostics is committed to ensuring the
highest level of confidentiality and security for all personal
information collected in our market surveys. You will not be contacted
for sales purposes nor will we transfer your email to another party as
a result of your agreement to participate in our research studies - we
only want to hear your feedback and opinions. To be removed from this
list, please send an email to and type REMOVE
in the subject line.


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