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iEntry is a world leading email newsletter publisher targeting decision makers within businesses. Our subscribers are seeking to receive information to help them make informed decisions for their companies. We WANT to hear from you.

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Drive Leads with iEntry’s Proven B2B Email Marketing Solution

We help you deliver your marketing message directly to decision makers that are seeking solutions for their companies. iEntry has been at the forefront of B2B email marketing since 1999 when we invented the B2B Dedicated Email, the most powerful way to generate B2B leads. In a fast changing marketplace with new and evolving marketing tactics every year, email remains a top performer among all.

Getting Results for Our Clients

Since our beginnings, iEntry has maintained a top tier client list. From Fortune 500, mid-market, to startups, iEntry has a proven track record of successful campaigns. With dedicated account managers for every client, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service, reporting and campaign management for optimal performance.

iEntry has been an excellent vendor to work with. Not only do they offer a breath of audience segments, but their nimble and responsive qualities are top notch. Dedicated email blasts with iEntry have become a valuable addition to our marketing plans.

Angela Meidl | Director of Marketing

We partnered with iEntry for one of our B2B client campaigns, and they were a pleasure to work with: communicative, flexible and knowledgeable. The team were keen to help and actively guided us through organization, impelementation and insights.

Senior Media Planner/Buter, Mediacom International

Dedicated emails with iEntry have been a great addition to our lead generation efforts. More importantly, their customer service, responsiveness and support are among the best that we have experienced.

Shane Westwood, Senior Marketing Program Manager, Kount, Inc

Drelex University Online’s partnership with iEntry has been instrumental in driving enrollments by providing solutions to captivate prospective students towards our funnel pipeline. This is complemented by iEntry’s unparalleled dedication…

Nathan Greiner, Marketing Analyst, Drexel University Online

Our partnership with iEntry has been hugely valuable. Their dedicated emails are a great way to connect with our audience on a medium that they’re interested in and engaged with. It has also been an amazing experience working with the iEntry team, who always go above and beyond…

Angela Gizzi | Growth Marketing Manager, Bridgecrew by Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud

iEntry has been a wonderful partner. We rely heavily on them dedicated email blasts for lead generation as well as awareness. Not only do they have consistently well-performing outlets for many of the digital marketing topics we promote, but taylor is quick and thorough with communication which makes a huge difference.

Kate Gibbons, Director of Marketing, Agital

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